How to make a skyball?


It's very easy to make it. The importants thing is the right
weight.Our experience with the tennis-ball is between
590 and 600 gr. (komplete).

Use a regular tennis-ball and open it with a knife, fill it up with lead,
fix a packing-band on the ball and close it with adhesive.
For a better fixation sew it with a couple of stitch together.

Over the length of the band you change the speed of the ball.
Our experience the best is between 20 and 25 cm.

For organizing the small balls of lead go in
a scuba-diving shop. It's cheaper!!

Important: Use the ball only if you are sure you
can catch it all the time. Before you jump out,
check the spot exatly. If you are not sure
that the jump is without risk for other people on the ground
-- KEEP IT!!! --


SSkyball-Jumps over the Dominican Republik



Freeflyer Marius from Norway


Ralf before he catch the ball